Primate Plunge

Description: A very beautiful and funny platform game!
Size: 5044Kb
Date: 17 Jan 09
Author: Joseph Humfrey, MOS port by HAK, AmigaOS 4.0 port by Spot / Up Rough,68k by Arti
Submitter: Arti
Email: arturjarosik [gmail]
Category: game/platform
License: Other

This is just a quick port to MorphOS from HAK (hak()
...And an ever faster recompile for AmigaOS 4.0 by Spot / Up Rough.
Thanks to HAK for doing the hard work.
68k version is compiled from original sources by Arti.

For further information read the original README or take a look at the
the original website at

PS: Due to the fact that the MOS version of SDL_Mixer library doesn't
support MIDI there is no title music.

Note, This doesn't apply to the AmigaOS 4.0 version, i converted all
sounds to OGG to save some valuable disk space, and I also converted
the intro tune from midi to OGG, so the AmigaOS 4.0 version is 
complete. Enjoy the beautiful graphics and the kick ass gameplay!

On AmigaOS 3.x all game is like orginal, title music is in midi
thanks to Timidity. 


3 Responses to “Primate Plunge”

  1. it is now working fine except for 16 bit modes where color corruption appears. perhaps due to sdl. bernd has sorted some bit order problems lately and added some gfx blitting abilities too, i have a copy of defenduin from him that gives significant speedup when played on a workbench window. well, pp is still a little slow on classis 060. it could be worth to recompile at some point, once sdl gets advanced enough. but fine work anyways.

  2. I compilled with new SDL. 16 bit now works.
    Please tell if it is faster.

    • somehow i do not get notifications from here, sorry for late answers. well. alas it doesnt seem to be faster. 16 bit modes work next to well. i had only a little corruption once while scrolling particular foreground ground in the intro (the one with a rock on the left, sunset and a river). this happens now and then with both versions. but 24 and 32bit modes have corrupted colorspace now. maybe best was to talk back to bernd on these issues.

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