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Sonic Vamped 1&2 Pack

Posted in game/jump with tags , , on August 1, 2021 by Arti

SonicVamped 2 is a port of the 2013 Android version of Sonic The Hedgehog 2 to the 68k Amiga optimised for a Vampire V4 computer (works on V2 accelerators but not at full speed).

It features many speed improvements including AMMX, direct SAGA draw with triple buffer and direct SAGA audio implementation. All of that made it possible to run at stable 60 fps gameplay on The Vampire V4.

AMMX asm optimisations are made by “Quetzal”.

Hardware requirement is a Vampire Standalone computer with at least Release 7 (uses new Storem3 AMMX instruction).


Run Sonic1(or 2) Unpack.bat on Windows and copy SonicVamped to your V4.


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Author: Dan Olson, Steven Aaus

Category: Shooter

  Version: 1.6.3


Hacked Hexen is a Linux port of Raven Game’s old shooter, Hexen.

Licence:  GNU General Public License version 2.0 (GPLv2)

Requirements: Warp 3D or RTG