This site is maintained by Artur Jarosik, 35 years guy from Poland.

I like programming, music, movies,  games, beer.

My email is arturjarosik  / gmail / com

Requirements of sdl games are:

# OS 3.x (3.0 is enough)
# AHI sound system installed.
# A CGX/P96 compatible graphics card (untested with CGX AGA)
# Some memory 🙂 (most of the SDL graphics operation are done in fastram)

#minumum 060
# Suggested: 080, Amithlon or UAE


2 Responses to “About”

  1. Allan Ullmann Says:

    Hi, many thanks for writing these interesting games for the Amiga platform.
    I have tried running “pigs” and “dangen” on my RTG 68060 based Amiga A1200. I run Workbench OS3.9. The games start fine, However they are painfully slow. Is there any work that you can do to optimise them for real classic Amiga hardware?

    Once again many thanks and Merry Christmas.


    • Hi, many thanks for a post!
      Press ctrl+Lalt+h when playing, this will enable every frame per second mode.
      Also turn fullscreen on by clicking on “dangen-fs” icon, this is faster too.
      I’ve updated “pig”,download and try if it is faster.
      Let’s hope a more optimized sdl library is released so we could play better on real amigas too.

      Merry Christmas.


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