Sonic Vamped 1&2 Pack

Update: Beta version for PiStorm & Emu68

SonicVamped 2 is a port of the 2013 Android version of Sonic The Hedgehog 2 to the 68k Amiga optimised for a Vampire V4 computer (works on V2 accelerators but not at full speed).

It features many speed improvements including AMMX, direct SAGA draw with triple buffer and direct SAGA audio implementation. All of that made it possible to run at stable 60 fps gameplay on The Vampire V4.

AMMX asm optimisations are made by “Quetzal”.

Hardware requirement is a Vampire Standalone computer with at least Release 7 (uses new Storem3 AMMX instruction).


Run Sonic1(or 2) Unpack.bat on Windows and copy SonicVamped to your V4.

6 Responses to “Sonic Vamped 1&2 Pack”

  1. From now on, all your games and programs will require AMXX? Users of other Amiga turbo cards will not be able to play?

    • Depends on game, Sonic would be to slow on non AMMX cards. Heart of Darkness is playable without it.

    • Look, not even us V1200 users with lots of AMMX can play with these ports! It is not so much AMXX but in reality that from now on it will all be encoded for the V4 only. Wrong policy but unfortunately it went like this. As for me, I would like to thank ARTI for everything he has done so far for AMIGA.

    • Lord Xanth Says:

      It is 80 MIPS Amiga turbo card vs 680 MIPS using AMMX. Or 5 years spent hand-optimising with ASM. With latest Firebird V4 for Amiga 500 and Icedrake V4 for A1200 anyone can play with excellent Arti ports!

  2. I can’t get the unpack.bat to work. I download the Sonic 1 apk file then type ‘Y’ but get a ton of errors. Can someone please help? It is so annoying and the documentation is really poor.

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