Hydra Castle Labyrinth

Hydra Castle Labyrinth, originally Meikyuujou Hydra, is a freeware Indie platformer developed by E. Hashimoto, a.k.a. Buster, and released on his website. The original game was entirely in Japanese, but saw a translation patch months after its original creation.

The game hearkens back to early “Metroidvania” games like Knightmare II: The Maze of Galious and Legacy of the Wizard: the player explores an immense maze-like dungeon, collecting tools and keys that allow them to proceed deeper. Certain areas are cordoned off from the main dungeon area, and each presents a more linear zone with a boss at the end. The player can find new equipment to make themselves stronger as well.

Update1: Improved speed, game is more dynamic now.

Update2: Fixed freezes with certain enemy.


13 Responses to “Hydra Castle Labyrinth”

  1. Hello ARTS!
    I also reported on the Apollo forum that the game crashes at the fifth level, the LOLIDA’S CAVE prison.
    I wanted to know if you are aware of the thing and if possible to solve it, I would like to get to the end (on amiga).

  2. Hi Arts!
    I tested the game and I can confirm that the blockade no longer occurs towards the three disappearing enemies … But other problems have arisen that did not exist before. Ghost walls, stairs that cannot be climbed, ravines in which one falls and exits the screen. The automatic Savegame then does not help in this type of game, I would ask you to leave the bailouts only to the points set by the game as before.

    • Please try again, same link.

      • Ciaoz ARTI
        Unfortunately, the automatic savegame ruined my game by leaving me stuck off the screen … I will therefore have to start the game over again, but I would like the certainty of a definitive version.
        What do you tell me about it?
        If you need some tests in particular I am at your disposal, otherwise I will accept a release of a 100% stable version before restarting the game.

  3. Sorry for that, I have reverted it.
    Here is my save game from this place

  4. Another update.
    Walking with candle in level 5 was too slow.
    Now it’s in normal speed like rest of game.

  5. Hello ARTI!
    I wanted to let you know that I have played HYDRA with Update 2 from start to finish with no problems!

  6. Hello Amy-Mor,

    I’m very happy to hear that!

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