DevilutionX (Diablo engine)


DevilutionX is open source, reverse engineered version of Diablo game (not included) by Blizzard Entertainment (1997). The Amiga port was created by Artur Jarosik and Marlon Beijer. ASM & AMMX optimization by Samuel Devulder. It is based on contributed by various authors.


If you don’t own a legal copy of Diablo game you can try Shareware version:

14 Responses to “DevilutionX (Diablo engine)”

  1. Hello,
    great work! Do you think a German version would be possible? Or supporting the available language packages.

    I would spend 50€ to this great project for German language support. 🙂 Contact me if interested.

  2. Polish version already works through modified patch_rt.mpq.
    Do you have german translation of Diablo for me to test?

    • From where can I extract the needed data? Will install it now on an old PC, but I am sure it should be the German version I have.

    • Now I understand. The localized versions are not official and only via patch available. I found many languages, but still searching for German.

  3. Hello Arti,
    is the German patch in any way usefully?

  4. Ah, forgot about it.
    Yes, partially.
    Texts are build into exe file so can’t be used.
    Only voices can work.

    There’s one catch,
    all sounds needs to be converted to 8bit mono and packed back to mpq.

    I tried to find converter that could handle multiple files
    but couldn’t find any free one.

    I can do this one by one for a reward.

  5. Hello Arti,
    do you will update to release 1.0.1? 🙂

  6. Probably not. I focus on new projects now.

  7. Why you need it? I finished v1.0.0 and it worked well.

  8. Although we plan to release Hellfire so updating to 1.0.1 will be necessary anyway.

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