The Mini Slug Project

Author: Clement Corde


Story: It’s a tribute to the Metal Slug Serie from Clément CORDE.

It is a game composed of 3 Missions (each mission divided into a number of levels). The first mission is similar to the serie, then it forks and offers some refreshing gameplay (find the submarine in mission two if you can!). But first mission alone will not be easy to complete !


4 Responses to “The Mini Slug Project”

  1. amiga68k Says:

    very cool, thank you!

  2. Cleilton Farias Says:

    Hi, I’m really looking forward to playing Metal Slug on my A1200. Could you supply me with this Metal Slug?
    My setup is, Amiga A1200, Apollo 1260 66Mhz, 33Mb Ram.
    Thank you very much.

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