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Free Heroes 2

Posted in game/role on March 27, 2009 by Arti

Author: Andrey Afletdinov, Vasya Makarov, Peter Lemenkov, Josh Matthews

Category: RolePlaying


Free Heroes2 Engine is a pre-alpha version, many features are missing still.The game is progressing in a steady pace though, so I thought it was worthy of a release. I will keep maintaining the AmigaOS 3.x version and release regular updates.

Update: Loading and saving works now.

Additional System Requirements: The original game (data files)

There is native port available made by meynaf. Use this instead:


Zelda OLB

Posted in game/role on March 27, 2009 by Arti

Author: Various

Category: RolePlaying

Version: 0.19US

Story : Brought down by a terrible curse since his recent victory on the Dark Lord, Link is changing, day by day, into a powerful creature with a destructive nature named Oni-Link. Bannished from Hyrule, the young hylian asks the princess Zelda some help. She shows him his last hope: a portal to a secret world.

Licence: Free