Author: Greg Kennedy

Category: Puzzle

Version: Demo

Roll your marble through the 3d maze to the exit

This game was an entry into Intel’s Game Demo 2007 contest. Please take the time to rate my game and help me win a prize!

Tilt the 3d maze and roll your marble to the exit. The final version will fully support laptop SMS / HDAPS sensors to allow players to tilt the laptop to play! (Support is partially there now – Linux users get an SDL patch and Mac users can wrangle with Unimotion)


  • Multiple powerups, monsters, switches, puzzles, traps…
  • Built-in level editor: design and share your mazes with friends!
  • Keyboard or mouse control for unsupported laptops
  • Plenty of sound effects and catchy music
  • Physics calculations are run in a second thread: multicore users should see an increase in both framerate and simulation accuracy
  • Runs on Windows, Mac OS or Linux, AmigaOS4, AmigaOS3.
  • Completely open-source software under the GNU GPL!

License: free


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