AmiKit ArtiGames add-on

All of  games (34) I have ported so far  you can try by downloading and installing

a single Add-on package for AmiKit. Enjoy!


6 Responses to “AmiKit ArtiGames add-on”

  1. hi, the games you have ported fail to open window on mediator/voodoo setups probably due to sdl 1.2.6 using bestmodeid. there is a new port of sdl by bernd roesch if you have missed it. maybe its possible to improve your ports. all the best


    This Port has been made possible by our newest member Bernd Roesch (Thanks!) and it includes substantial improvements compared to previous versions.

    Bernd writes: “This is port of SDL 1.2.13 to amigaos 68k This use the directory structure of SDL so a port to newer versions is easy. The old amiga SDL 1.2.6 files are currently in the main tree, if maybe something must compare and fail under new versions. There are many fixes, timer and semaphore working correct, and faster speed. A HotKey is add CTRL+ALT+H. If press only every 2. second frame is draw to GFX Card. This give better playable results on slow amigas because a game that is written for 30 fps need now only transfer 15 fps to gfx card to work at correct speed.”

    Sources can be found at

    LibSDL-1.2.13.lha (1069Kb)

  2. Hi, I’m using SDL 1.2.13 from a long time now, but some older games were compiled with older 1.2.6 SDL.
    Please tell which games do not work and I will compiled them with new library.
    If games still do not work on mediator/voodoo, please report it to the author of SDL library, thanks.

  3. emm. really like it..

  4. mm.. thank you 🙂

  5. mm… good one 🙂

  6. hell. havnt visited here for long. just sorted out bestmode und such issues on my setup thanks to elbox and will be going through your ports to see how they work. maybe reporting via mail would be more convinient if i find issues otherwise i will post somewhere here

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