Moon Lander

Description: Moon-Lander game.
Download: moon-lander.lha
Size: 2Mb
Version: 1.0pre1b
Date: 27 Sep 06
Author: David J. Blood, MOS port by Hak, OS 4.0 by Spot / Up Rough, 68k by _arti
Submitter: _arti
Email: arturjarosik/gmail com
Category: game/action

This is beta software.

Moon Lander is a 2D game of gravity.  Land your ship on the lading pad.  Don't
go too fast, or you will crash.



David Blood - geekd()
Main programmer.  Any sloppy code or bugs are all my fault.

Mike Heckman - mike()
Demo mode AI, Incremental gravity, variable speed landing pads, multiple lives,
red pad speed warning, pause, many suggestions.

Ryan Daniels - pacmanfever()
Ship, thrust and explosion images.

Brian "Mo" Degenhardt - bmd()
Fancy terrain.

One Response to “Moon Lander”

  1. I was looking for a version of lunar landar for Linux, and the link was broken at Thank you for posting this!

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