Teeter Torture

Description: Simple shooting game
Download: tt.lha
Size: 732kb
Version: 1018
Date: 14 Nov 08
Author: Bill Kendrick / Port: Art
Submitter: Art
Homepage: http://www.newbreedsoftware.com/teetertorture/
Category: game/action
License: GPL

Taken from the website:

Teeter Torture is a simple shooting game (similar to "Space Invaders", "Galaga"
or "Galaxian"), but with a unique twist. Your cannon is sitting atop a teeter
totter. If it leans too far in either direction, a barrel of TNT explodes!

"Weight monsters" appear at the top of the screen, and randomly fall towards
the teeter totter. If they attach to it, they'll weigh it down, making it more
difficult to keep it balanced. (If they hit the cannon, it explodes and you
lose a life.)

It's an alpha release!

� No sound or music
� The "big" explosion when the TNT goes up is somewhat broken
  (not implemented?)
� Highscore list has ridiculous entry's, no chance to reach it and
� there is no life counter, so you can play forever (and never reach an
  highscore entry)

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