SDL Sand

Description: A cool falling sand simulator toy.
Size: 310kb
Date: 02 Feb 09
Author: Thomas Ren� Sidor, Kristian Jensen, Port: Arti
Submitter: Arti
Email: arturjarosik/gmail com
Category: utility/misc
License: Other
Distribute: yes


From author of port:
Update 02 02 2009
Much optimized code, up to 5 times faster.

Adjust "-width" or "-heigth" in command line or in startup script to gain more speed.
Works properly if workbench depth is set to 16bit.

SDL Sand
The SDL Sand game (The Falling SDL-Sand Game) is a C++ implementation of the original 'World of
Sand' (and later 'Hell of Sand') game implemented in JAVA. SDL Sand uses the SDL (Simple DirectMedia
Library - library for screen output. Therefore the implementation can
possibly run on every platform supported by SDL.

The aim is to create a faster implementation of the game and possibly extend its features.

Project link:
The originial World of Sand from DOFI-BLOG (
The later version - Hell of Sand from DOFI-BLOG (
A Falling Sand Game forum (
Falling Sand Game hosted (

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